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Most universities train students well in the theory of science and evidence based practice. At the same time they often fail at preparing students for how to apply it in the real world.

Jørgen and Martin are the unlikely team of a physiotherapist, chiropractor and medical student who in 2011 decided to do something about it.

Apply Research is the result of 5 years of seeing patients, reading research, polishing writing skills, developing communication strategies, learning website building, decoding the secrets of social media and tapping into the psychology of successful branding and marketing. And then figuring out how to shape it all into a clinical swiss army knife for young musculoskeletal practitioners.

We have also been up to a few other things over the years…

Martin Bonnevie-Svendsen

Martin is a medical student and chiropractor. He currently teaches musculoskeletal diagnostics at the Institute of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oslo while maintaining a growing clinical practice on the side.

Martin takes pride in his bragging rights to an under 16 national championship gold in the sport Jerry Seinfeld compared to «swimming and strangling» (biathlon, a weird sport Norwegians love that involves x-country skiing and rifle shooting). He has also achieved a $60,000 academic scholarship, an M.Sc. in chiropractic, a viral movement infomercial, peer-revied publication and a rant with + 10,000 clicks on patient communication and Tarantino movies.

Jørgen Jevne

Jørgen is a physiotherapist and chiropractor practicing in Norway. He has taught physiotherapists, chiropractors and medical students on a wide range of subjects pertinent to musculoskeletal care.

Jørgen has the ego of a towering, two-hundred-fifty pound Hollywood star, matched with the physical frame of a 5”7 dwarf with a receding hair line. During his first year upon graduating as a chiropractor he published three peer-reviewed articles, two of them in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, created a company for delivering research updates to colleagues during the lunch break, authored dozens of blog posts and received an award for “Best New Researcher” at the WFC/ECU convention in Athens.

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